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Woman of the Photographs

Takeshi Kushida
Japan, 2020, 89 min.

In Japanese with English subtitles.
This film is family friendly.

AIFF Award Winner:
Special Jury Award for Creative Storytelling

One day, gynophobic photo retoucher Kai (50) meets Kyoko, a woman with a scar on her body. Kyoko asks Kai to erase a scar and create a flawless figure of her by retouching. Kyoko gets fascinated by her appearance in photo, but she gradually vacillates between her natural figure and ideal figure. And Kyoko falls into mental confusion. Kai, who feels that he can only save Kyoko, is determined to love a woman. Woman of the Photographs depicts the miracle of the encounter of two people who wake up to love.

Director's Statement

People often vacillate between their natural figures and ideal figures. Compared with ideals and reality, they are discouraged and hurt, and cannot really like themselves. By being distressed between them, he/she fall into a state where he/she cannot help searching for the meaning and reason for living. The reason why this film was created now is to celebrate the humanity that only you can love yourself for today's audience.

Category: Romance, Feature, Award Winner, Best of Fest.
Themes: Relationships, Photography, World Cinema.